Finishing what you start

Last week I spent several hours at Starbucks coming up with a weekly schedule to keep myself focused. Today was to be the first day I began. Already it started poorly because my daughter has 2 days off school which I hadn’t planned for. But nonetheless, I want to try to stick to my plan… So I get up and get the dishes done (last nights dishes), I then tidy up a little (Who can be productive in a messy house?) and I check my schedule. 8am drive daughter to school…not today…9am meditation/weights. Well I bought a yoga book at Costco last week “The Yoga Healing Bible”, but I only just started it. I decide maybe this morning instead of meditating I am going to read this book for an hour. I am two pages into the book and my dog is antsy to go outside. So I let him out, and 1 minute later he wants back in. At this point I decide to write down the experience of my first morning trying to “stay on track”. So far it’s a fail. As I read the yoga book I realize I want to skip over several pages and get into the meat of it. But wait…this is my problem….never finishing….doing things part way. I decide no…not this time, just go back and read it all. Start, follow through, finish. So here goes. Oh no, my daughter is awake….oh life.